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How to Write Event Press Coverage 101

Event press coverage comes in two forms and serves two key and distinct purposes of reach and exposure. First, you have pre coverage, which is intended to drum up hype about the event in question. You should make sure to talk about the area that the fest is located in and the potential weather (for example Electric Forest being in June in Michigan will be hot and have a high potential for rain, so you should mention that in your article so people are prepared). People also want to know about the different stages and how they’re curated (if it’s by genre, vibe, or artistic flair). It never hurts to mention the vendors (both food and merchandise), especially the brands that travel to all the major fests because that’s a huge draw for some people.

If the festival or event has reached out to you personally to do coverage, it never hurts to ask to interview one of the founders of the event so you push the ethos and community aspect of the event in their own words. This already puts you on good footing with the people running the event and ensures the coverage lines up with how they want to market it.

Another great way to boost reach and exposure is to mention specific artists that will be performing at the event. This motivates them to share your article because, honestly, what artist is going to pass up free publicity in connection with a major event? The more artists that you mention in the article and subsequently reach out to about including them, the higher the chance that your particular article will reach the maximum amount of eyes possible. Hyperlinking to each artist’s SoundCloud page is the norm, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask them beforehand if that would be their preferred link of choice.

The last thing you should absolutely put in pre coverage is a link to ticket sales (if available). The purpose of press coverage is to maximize reach and sales, so what better way than to include a ticket link right after you hype up the fest in your own bomb words?

The purpose of post coverage is to give a fitting recap to the festival as a whole. You want to really tell a detailed, unique story about your visit. The purpose of this is to create FOMO for everyone that didn’t attend, so as to push sales for the next year even harder. You also want to create a fitting mental image/sense of remembrance for the people that actually attended as well, this bleeds into an intense feeling of nostalgia that almost ensures that those fans will be making a return trip the following year. You should include pictures of the stages, artists, and fans having a blast. This all wraps up into an unforgettable sales package.

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